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of Turkey Editor of TESVYE, The Masonic Magazine of the Grand Lodge of Turkey MAKING OF MASONIC HISTORY, THE by Wor. by John Hamill The Masonic Tradition by John Hamill A Brief History of Masonic Order Part 3: The Spread of the Craft Worldwide Freemasonry Universal Part 4: The Future of Freemasonry Whither Are We Going? Hewitt ( English ) MASONS' MARKS On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales, we publish Chapter 9 of the History of Freemasonry by R. Irmo Omar CARTE, Loja Guatimozn 66, Grande Loja Manica do Estado de So Paulo (Brazil) ROOTS OF FREEMASONRY, The; by W. WILHELM BEGEMAN VS THE ENGLISH MASONIC HISTORY ESTABLISHMENT THE MMOIRE JUSTIFICATIF OF LA CHAUSSEE, AND MASONRY IN PARIS UNTIL 1773 LA FRANC-MAONNERIE, LANGLETERRE ET LES MYTHES LA FRANC-MAONNERIE ALLEMANDE AU 20e SICLE LA STRICTE OBSERVANCE - Part 1 LA STRICTE OBSERVANCE - Part 2 LA STRICTE OBSERVANCE - Part 2 (Bibliographie) REGULARIT ET RECONNAISSANCE LES PRINCIPALES OBDIENCES FRANAISES HISTORIENS DE LCOLE AUTHENTIQUE HOMMAGE REN GUILLY ESTIENNE MORIN ET LORDRE DU ROYAL SECRET THE DATING OF MASONIC RECORDS, The N. Spencer Prize Essay,1986 Introduction - Classification and Decipherment Masonic dating codes based on Gregorian Calender The Jewish Calendar The republican Calendar of France The Code Cocktails Tentative Application Appendix 1 Appendix 2 RAMSAY AND HIS DISCOURS REVISITED Ramsays Life The Beginnings of French Freemasonry Paris and the First Lodges The Two Main Versions of the Discours The 1736 Manuscript Version and Its Sources The Printed Version, Changes and Additions Two Letters Written by Ramsay in 1737 Did Ramsay Deliver a Discours in March 1737 ? A Wild Guess by Way of a Conclusion Bibliography Le Discours de Ramsay. LA TRAGI-COMDIE FRANAISE OUR SEGREGATED BRETHREN, PRINCE HALL FREEMASONS LIBERAL AND ADOGMATIC GRAND LODGES PRINCE HALL REVISITED MEMBERS OR MASONS: ONE-DAY CLASSES AND THE INITIATIC TRADITION THE TRADITIONAL OBSERVANCE LODGE MASONIC TRADITIONS FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY FREEMASONRY IN AFRICA - A BRIEF HISTORY FREEMASONRY AND NATIVE AMERICAN TRADITIONS INITIATION, MYSTERY AND SALVATION: THE WAY OF REBIRTH INITIATION AND THE HEART OF FREEMASONRY MASONIC EDUCATION COURSE, INTRODUCTION FIRST DEGREE TO SECOND DEGREE Part 1- Teachings & Symbolism Basic Definitions Nature and Purpose of Freemasonry A Journey Through the First Degree Understanding Freemasonry - Part 1 Part 2 - Furniture and Regalia of the Lodge Understanding Freemasonry - Part 2 Part 3 - Structure & Government of Masonry Lodge and Grand Lodge Master of the Lodge and Wardens Part 4 - Visiting History & Limitations of Masonic Travel First Degree: Questions & Answers SECOND DEGREE TO THIRD DEGREE Part 1: Teachings & Symbolism A Journey Through the Second Degree King Solomon Temple Understanding Freemasonry - Part 3 Part 2: Historical Background of Freemasonry Whence Come We? of Turkey Editor of TESVYE (The Level) The Masonic Magazine of the Grand Lodge of Turkey ( En ) FREEMASONRY - UNITING MEN EVEN DURING APARTHEIDby Bro.

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(English) FREEMASONRY BANNED IN SPAIN BY GENERAL FRANCO ( English ) FREEMASONRY IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD by V. Irmo William Almeida de Carvalho 33 QCCC MPS Ex-Diretor da Biblioteca do Grande Oriente do Brasil (em Portugus) A PLURALIDADE DE RITOS MANICOS NO BRASIL e no Grande Oriente do Brasil, em Ven. Irmo Omar CARTES, Loja Guatimozn 66, Grande Loja Manica do Estado de So Paulo (Brazil) CULTURAL MASONIC CENTRE PRINS FREDERIK The Hague, The Netherlands. Now keeping in mind the attitude of official Roman-Catholic Church towards Freemasonry this seems rather interesting..... Beresiner PM QC Lodge #2076 EC (Italiano ) BENITO JUREZ Y EL PENSAMIENTO MASNICOPor el Q. A SHORTENED HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY IN PORTUGAL by W. ( English ) In the XVIIIth century various Masonic Lodges were erected in Benedictine monasteries. Molina Garca 33, Logia Concordia #1 Xalapa, Veracruz, G. Jack Buta 32 MPS Paradise Valley Silver Trowel Lodge #29, G. of Arizona, USA (En) IRISH MASONRY IN TASMANIAby Wor. Tony Pope, PM South Australian Lodge of Research No. Cryer Second Degree: Questions & Answers TO MASTER MASON'S CERTIFICATE Part 1: Teachings & Symbolism A Journey Through the Third Degree The Legend of Hiram Abif The Working Tools Part 2: Masonic Charity Masonic Charity in Action Part 3: The Involvement of Master Masons Master Masons in the Lodge Part 4: Other Degrees and Orders The Allied Masonic Degrees Beyond the Craft Degrees by Rev. of Turkey Editor of TESVYE (The Level) The Masonic Magazine of the Grand Lodge of Turkey ( En ) HISTORY and LIMITATIONS of MASONIC TRAVEL by Bro Kent Henderson ( English) HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY by Bro. by John Hamill Religion, Politics and Freemasonry Masonic Orders for Women Women and Freemasonry by Rev. Document of Recognition by GLNF (Italiano-English) GRAN LOGGIA REGOLARE D'ITALIA. GRAND CHAPTER of ROYAL ARCH MASONS CANADA by Nelson. Document of Recognition by UGLE (Italiano-English) GRAN LOGGIA REGOLARE D'ITALIA. HAYWOOD, Editor THE BUILDER: PART I - FREEMASONRY AND THE CATHEDRAL BUILDERS PART II - FREEMASONRY AND THE MEN'S HOUSE PART III - MITHRAISM: FREEMASONRY AND THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES PART IV - FREEMASONRY AND THE ROMAN COLLEGIA PART V - THE OLD CHARGES OF FREEMASONRY and What They Mean to Us PART VI - FREEMASONRY AND THE COMACINE MASTERS PART VII - FREEMASONRY AND THE GUILD SYSTEM PART VIII - THE OPERATIVE MASONS PART IX - HOW OPERATIVE MASONRY CHANGED TO SPECULATIVE MASONRY: THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION PART X - THE FIRST GRAND LODGE PART XI - THE GREAT CLEAVAGE IN FREEMASONRY: AN ACCOUNT OF THE "ANCIENT" GRAND LODGE PART - XII VARIOUS GRAND LODGES; YORK, IRELAND, SCOTLAND ETC. Kwaadgras, Curator of CMC Prins Frederik ( En ) EL CONCEPTO DE TRABAJO EN LA EDAD MEDIA por Q. "Reflexin" N 103 Gran Logia de Chile FAMOUS FREEMASONS.

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