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Dating remy martin decanters

(If you also have a bottle you would like to submit, please use our form) My wife and I are lamp workers so we are always on the look out for hand blown glass. I have looked on the internet and I can identify it as a Remy Martin Louis XIII Decanter.

We feel this is possibly very old and possibly one of the early decanters due to the craftsmanship appearing to be of an older period.

It is hard to believe that a cognac that was made in honour of Napoleon, while he was still alive and which he almost certainly tasted, is still available to purchase and drink. Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Comte Joseph Cognac VSOPSierra Milenario Tequila Blanco Chios Liqueur Mastiha Psychis Verum Aguardiente de Uva Sauvignon Blanc Aguardiente de Cereza - Kirish Valle del JerteÎle Four MOMOSaentis Malt- Apricot Malt Liqueur - Fruit Liqueur Edition Padró & Co. The two decanters appear in good overall condition also.


On June 12, 2017, LOUIS XIII paid tribute to its unique legacy with a truly exceptional event that brought four LOUIS XIII cellar masters together for the first time; four generations united to share their personal experiences as the guardians of LOUIS XIII.

Champagne Cognac, four in presentation packs (8 bottles) More details BOXED LITRE BOTTLE OF REMY MARTIN ' FINE CHAMPAGNE COGNAC' V. plus other contingents from all over Napoleon's world. VAT) CONDITION REPORT: Some wear and scuffs to the box, all seems to be working properly with hinged sides and lids and key and lock working as it should.

The following year, Napoleon began his disastrous campaign against Russia, amassing a vast army of 500,000 infantry, 100,000 cavalry and 80,000 in the baggage trains.

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