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Updating is not supported by datasource detailsview

This is especially helpful if you plan to publish a workbook to a documents library in a Business Intelligence Center site.

Data sources that you can connect to in Excel that are not supported in Excel Services include the Access databases, website content, XML files, Azure Marketplace data, and text files.

If you plan to use these kinds of data sources in workbooks that you'll publish to Share Point Server 2013, consider importing data into Excel and using the data as native data.

Summary: Learn about different kinds of data sources that you can use in Excel and Excel Services.

You can bring data into Excel using lots of data sources and connections.

Existing connections can be stored on your computer or in a central location, such as a Share Point site.

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Ideally, you'll have access to a set of existing data connections in a site, such as a Business Intelligence Center site, that you can use to work with data in Excel.

Basically the Update Panel will give the asynchronous calls thus not reloading the complete page and the JQuery will block the UI until the update panel is refreshed completely.

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Using a Form View with a Sql Data Source, I'm attempting to Update data by calling a stored proc in code behind.

Comments Updating is not supported by datasource detailsview