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Each of those sacks was followed by a signature dance. Garber - In 1988, Gastineau appeared on the cover of "People" magazine with his girlfriend, actress Brigitte Neilsen, although he was still married to his wife Lisa.Lisa Gastineau, former wife of Mark Gastineau - I was really destroyed. Gastineau - You tend to start thinking that there's more to life, you know.

Salters - In fact, some shirts are so poorly designed that words are misspelled.But off the field, in the shadows and shades of gray that comprise real life, Mark Gastineau is fighting a battle that for him is disturbingly familiar.Greg Garber now on the man whose record, for this one day, has returned him to the game.Discipline - only now is that being introduced to the life of the man who owns the record, Mark Gastineau.He is 13 years removed from the National Football League, six-months removed from Rikers Island.Garber - At 6-foot-5-inches, 266 pounds, Mark Gastineau was built to sack quarterbacks.He reported 100-and-a-half sacks in his first 100 career starts, and in 1984 set the NFL single-season record. That sack dance caused me probably more publicity, but more pain, than anything that I've done.A probation violation led to nearly one year in Rikers Island Penitentiary. Gastineau - I think he needed something to jar him, and it didn't seem like anything else was jarring him. Gastineau - I did 26 weeks of, you know, domestic violence, and I did something that only 40 percent of the men do. I've got my certificate and, you know, it's something that I just do not want to go back for. And everyone has a past, but it's not always on the, you know, in the headlines or on TV or whatever. Garber - And Gastineau is attempting to recapture his. Gastineau - It was such a blessing to be able to go back to New York and to be with her and to see her, and to see that she's got a lot of me in her. Lyons - If you don't trust who you are, how can you ask somebody else to like you? Gastineau - People are going to say, all right, yeah, he's just doing that for this and that and this. Unlike cocaine, heroin and alcohol, they were not flagging people for second offenses and third offenses with public suspensions, so there was no suspension facing him. Unidentified Male undercover officer - Ready to roll. Salters - On one side, dozens of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, selling unlicensed tee shirts, sweat shirts and bumper stickers bearing the names and logos of the Miami Hurricanes and Nebraska Cornhuskers. Salters - On the other side, 12 undercover Pasadena police officers, partnered with agents from the Collegiate Licensing Company, or CLC, a trademark protection watchdog agency.Lyons - When Mark spent that 11 months, he had time to say, you know what, it's not everybody else, it's me. Garber - When Gastineau left Rikers this past July, he was virtually broke. He recently visited with his daughter Brittny for the first time in 10 years. Gastineau - I think everyone has a right to access and a relationship with their child. Brittny Gastineau, daughter of Mark Gastineau - He is my father. I can't just go from not knowing someone to hey, you're my best friend, you know? Garber - At the height of his celebrity, Mark Gastineau would walk the streets of New York and ask total strangers, "Do you know who I am? Gastineau - My gauge of happiness is not going to be on, you know, if everybody recognizes me or if nobody recognizes me. Most of the people around him say it was a rationalization after the fact. Unidentified Male undercover officer - This is going to be the easy part. Kevin, T-Shirt Bootlegger - If I can make 00 bucks in one day, you know, I can make it. Siegal - Five unlicensed sweatshirts bearing Huskers' trademark. Bob Ley, host - If Michael Strahan can get to the quarterback today, just once, he'll break a 17-year-old record that belongs to a flamboyant player who set the mark in the same stadium, Mark Gastineau. Gastineau - When I was in the NFL I was doing steroids, OK.Mark Gastineau, former NFL player - That was me, 100 years ago. Ley - Also, before Miami won the national championship, there was another battle at the Rose Bowl -- this one at street level over counterfeit merchandise.

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