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This is a most unusual ACTIVE SERVICE green envelope used with two King George VI Nyasaland adhesives (9d and 2d), cancelled with the EGYPT POSTAGE PREPAID 6 handstamp, and posted to Bulawayo in 1943. It received all the appropriate cachets and backstamps but has some opening tears at the top. It arrived at the British Post Office, Shanghai where it received the rare B.

This is a souvenir pictorial airmail envelope sent on the first official airmail flight from Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia to Zomba, Nyasaland on 9th March 1934. A picture postcard from GARELOCHHEAD sent at three halfpence rate to Shanghai in 1922.

A very pretty picture postcard with the set of four Liechtenstein commemoratives used on the first day of the 14th International Scout Conference held there in 1953. This is a 3c Liberian postal stationery postcard used at BASSA on December 20th 1892, and sent to the Netherlands via Liverpool. This is an envelope registered from the Austrian Post Office in Beirut in 1905, sent to Sydenham, London. Features a BEIRUT cancel and registered label, and arrival mark in London nine days after postage. It was addressed to Sweden and sent via London, and is marked with the Displaced Persons Mail franking and marked as 'Estonian'. The picture is a painting of Emperor Franz Josef hunting. This is a fragile piece of Concentration Camp mail - a letter written in Auschwitz in 1943 by Michael Berezinski and sent to his family in Radom, Poland. An eye-catching cover with eight Japanese Occupation adhesives cancelled with two strikes of a special cancel commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the commencement of Daitoa Senso (the Pacific War). Fascinating item of military geo-political postal history. A fine example of the 1925 postal stationery postcard issued to commemorate the 75th birthday of Czech President Masaryk cancelled with the special commemorative postmark for the International Olympic Congress in Prague. A spectacular flight postcard flown on 1st June from Brussels to Paris, and back, to commemorate the first Salon Aeronautique held in Brussels in May 1937. This is a Danish entire sent using the 181 TPO duplex, addressed to Flensburg, with the Danish 4 Skilling stamp and further marking indicating the direction of the Travelling Post Office.

It's on an envelope addressed to Berwick with a superb BERWICK STATION arrival mark on the reverse flap, which can be opened up neatly for display purposes. This is a neat picture postcard of the Ye Olde Plymouthe Exhibition from 1905, used on 21st November of that year with the incredibly rare special cancellation TRADES EXHIBITION PLYMOUTH on a King Edward VII halfpenny adhesive. This is a Prices Current list sent from Schlesinger & Erdman, dye importers, to Prussia, that was sent with a 1d postage rate with the 33 in a vertical oval cancelling the stamp - a bargain postage rate for printed matter going overseas! This is a 1d lilac cover with the London VR scroll Code C cancel, used on Royal and Parliamentary mail. This is an interesting letter requesting 100 shares in the Torquay and Newton Abbot Railway. This is a neat 1d imperf cover posted at Colney Hatch to Hampstead in 1850. The three halfpence to pay with the numeral beneath was only used in very few towns. This is a free envelope from the 4d post period (5th December 1839 to 9th January 1840), featuring a nice crown FREE of 14th December and also a receiving house mark of the South Audley Street SO. An advertising envelope of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY dating from 1905, and featuring a King Edward VII 1d stamp and a London MP machine cancel.

Queen Victoria postage still remained valid at the time. This a neat King George VI 9d British adhesive with a good strike of the BRITISH POST OFFICE TANGIER, used on an airmail envelope to Sweden with the very neat double-oval O. The entire was sent to Oporto and received a PAID tombstone on transit through London. This is a fair strike of the scarce Leith Experimental postmark in the 2nd type completely dated cancel: the cancel features LEITH, a code letter (in this case F), and the full date. Slight defect to the corner of the stamp (see photo) hence low price for this pretty item. A 1923 PAQUEBOT LIVERPOOL cancel on a P&O ship postcard with an INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID cachet, a "1 1/2d TO PAY 466" charge mark, and a three halfpence postage due applied on arrival in Brighton. This is a bilingual slogan dating from 3rd June 1912 advertising the Olympic Games to be held in Stockholm later that month.

This is a shield of St George pictorial airgraph entitled "Christmas Greetings from The Eighth Army" with a rousing quote beneath the illustration: "Together, you and I we will see this thing through to the end". A fascinating example of the HELSINKI Olympic Games advertising slogan used on an envelope to Scotland in June 1939, two months before the outbreak of war which necessitated the cancelling of the Olympiad. It had three 30 fen, one 9 fen, and two 8 fen adhesives. A privately printed 11c postal stationery envelope used in the Republic of Salvador in 1888 to London.

A highly appropriate quote from one of the most famous WW2 regiments. This is a very nice pictorial airgraph sent with SEASON'S GREETINGS from 'Uncle Harry', LAC H. This fascinating item is a King George VI 5 1/2d Registered Letter with an additional KG6 2 1/2d blue adhesive, sent by the Mufti of Jerusalem to the Foreign Office in Downing Street. A purple 3d Postage Due was applied along with a boxed POSTED OUT OF COURSE SW3. It was marked BY AIRMAIL and has TOKYO, SAN PEDRO CALIFORNIA and finally NEW YORK transit marks on the reverse. This is a 1925 postal stationery airmail cover sent from Los Angeles to Bermuda via New York in an airship. A fine 1892 5 ore postal stationery postcard with a black and white vignette of the Grand Hotel Haglund, Goteborg and their rubber cachet in violet. On the front are a purple ENCAMINADO POR BLANCO Y TRIGEUROS cachet and a postmark from the town of sending.

In addition, there is a YOKOHAMA MEIJI datestamp of 11th November More details... This is a special LUXOR WINTER PALACE envelope used in 1929 with a set of four Prince Farouk 9th birthday commemoratives, each cancelled with a good strike of the Hotel's own postmark.

A superb pictorial envelope with a Japanese greetings card inside, posted at Tokyo on 9th November 1892 with the special MEIJI datestamp and a native datestamp on the 10 sen adhesive.

Addressed to Tewkesbury, with arrival mark, and LYDNEY transit mark, on the reverse. It was addressed to Chippenham but missent to CHELTENHAM where it received the fine skeleton marking (illustrated). On the reverse is a framed circular Receiving House mark "No 7". Sent to Morpeth with a 1d red imperf on blue paper (somewhat trimmed). Harriman of Eglestone, Durham, regarding his botanical research, which contributed 15 years later to "A Botanist's Guide to England and Wales". On the reverse is a block of four additional QV 1d lilacs, also cancelled BUSHEY NEW TOWN, and ZITTAU arrival mark. A very nice DEAL convex on the front of an entire sent regarding the claiming of prize money for taking Port Au Prince, Haiti, the two claimants having put their 'X' marks at the bottom in place of signature. A very good strike of the UPPER DEAL circular undated on the reverse of a Queen Victoria 1d postal stationery envelope, with additional DEAL and SANDWICH marks. On a small cover to Westerham cancelled MY 12 92, addressed to Blindley Heath, Surrey, with REDHILL STATION OFFICE transit mark on the reverse. This is an early usage of the first GIBRALTAR 1d postal stationery postcard, which was overprinted on the St Vincent 1d postcards. This is a lovely entire featuring a wealth of postmarks. An unusual combination of handstamps: PAID AT BIRMINGHAM in red, framed, across SHIFNAL PD POST, also in red, on an outer to Iron Bridge, Salop.

The front features a very neat manuscript "Mifsent to DURHAM". A very nice straight line TIVERTON on a fine entire sent in 1790 to Taunton with detailed contents regarding the pursuit of a debt. It has a GIBRALTAR A26 duplex, and is addressed to Brighton. This is a lengthy (three densely-written sides) and interesting correspondence between two brothers regarding what appears to be their import/export business. This is a fine example of a straight line ALTRINCHAM on an entire sent to Congleton in 1814. An amusing letter chasing receipt of goods ordered but not received! Sent from Olney to London in 1843, it received an OULNEY udc; a reddish-brown boxed U PAID DE 1843; a "PD 1" in brownish; and a NEWPORT PAGNELL DE 8 1843 transit mark. This is a very nice entire dating from 1849 with a HAMBROOK seriffed udc (undated circular postmark) and - on the reverse - a 3-line "BRISTOL / 15 JA 1849 / PY-POST" in blue. A very pretty mourning envelope with weeping willow design on the reverse flap, featuring a neat circular undated of HAMPSTEAD-ROAD on the reverse (above KIDDERMINSTER arrival mark), and a BIRMINGHAM 75 duplex on a neat Queen Victoria 1d star.

This is a Norwegian picture postcard of Christiania, used on 25th August 1903 with a very good strike of the rare trial Columbia machine cancel featuring the circular datestamp of KRISTIANIA and NORGE in bars. This is a very neat flown cover from Tirana, Albania to Vichy, France sent in 1926 with a set of airmail adhesives from the 5 Qind value up to 3Fr. This is a good strike of the abandoned 1940 Olympic Games commemorative slogan from Helsinki, Finland to Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, and also featuring a continuous Finnish censorship mark and a UK censor label at the side. Scarce item - cover has a couple of tears (see photo) hence low price. This is a 1912 picture postcard of the Aden camel market used with a King Edward VII Indian 1 anna adhesive, with a superb strike of the YOKOHAMA MARSEILLE No.

A very pretty pictorial envelope with views of St Thomas, Danish West Indies, used locally and hence featuring a bisected 4c adhesive to pay the 2c rate.

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