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These responses gave the impression of a person blowing hot and cold, with unpredictable and sometimes violent emotions.

Clearly, much of this was waiting for someone with the right personality to come along - and, crucially, someone who did not know they were talking to a machine.

Eliza "simulates" (or perhaps parodies) a Rogerian psychotherapist (i.e.

In 1989, in the final year of my undergraduate course, I put this program online, and now for the first time it had the element of surprise, and it could talk to strangers long-distance.

In 1989, UCD was operating both "BITNET" and "Internet" machines.

This paper is an explanation of a historical event, but it has implications for the future of Turing Test experiments on the Internet, and indeed for the future of AI in general on the Internet.

In 1987, when I was an undergraduate in Computer Science at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, I wrote in LISP a version of Weizenbaum's classic "Eliza" chat program [17].

The original Eliza was meant to be sympathetic to the human.

I thought it would be interesting to add aggression and profanity to the program.My program was deliberately designed to have an unpredictable (and slightly scary) mood.It is hard to convey the personality of the program in this limited space here.The machine is pure stimulus-response, replying to the present message, with absolutely no memory.The reader will see that the technology is all pretty much standard Eliza pattern matching.In 1989, the author put an Eliza-like chatbot on the Internet.The conversations this program had can be seen - depending on how one defines the rules (and how seriously one takes the idea of the test itself) - as a passing of the Turing Test.This is the first time this event has been properly written up. This was certainly one of the first AI programs online.This chatbot succeeded due to profanity, relentless aggression, prurient queries about the user, and implying that they were a liar when they responsed. Most chatbots exist in an environment where people expect to find some bots among the humans. It seems to have been the first (a) AI real-time chat program, which (b) had the element of surprise, and (c) was on the Internet.It ran on a VAX/VMS mainframe (to be precise, the machine: ) that Computer Science students and staff at UCD shared.To talk to my program, the students would specify the path of the program and run it.

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