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Dating levels of commitment

His number one priority was to have the rough edges smoothed over so that the family could enjoy some stability and harmony. Her focus was on the novelty of the software her company had just installed, the neighbor’s dog barking and the traffic snarls she faced on her way to work.Arabella’s weak level of commitment ruled the roost.As we get to know the other person better, our desire for the relationship will either grow or diminish. Marriage You commit yourself to the person for the rest of your life in an exclusive, sacrificial, intimate relationship.

” The answer to that question will determine how well you want to get to know the other person and how aggressively you seek to move the relationship to another level of commitment. Socializing You are willing to communicate with the other person in group settings, or by phone or e-mail. Friendship You are willing to spending time together alone or as part of a group. Dating / Courtship You are willing to become romantically involved. Each new level of commitment should be based on favorable insights you have gained through greater understanding of the person.

Unfortunately we can get ahead of ourselves by jumping steps when we are too eager to become romantically involved or get married. You notice the other person and for some reason you desire to get to know them better.

It will only lead to heartbreak and disappointment.) If you both have the same objective in mind, but the other person is not willing to move as quickly as you, give them the time they need for discovery and evaluation so they will be comfortable when they do make a deeper commitment.

If you are at different commitment levels, don’t fool yourself into believing that the relationship is stronger than it really is, just because of your higher degree of commitment.

I want dating to lead to a committed relationship followed by marriage and kids; he doesn’t.

Before the awkward goodbye-hug, he apologized for the misunderstanding.In reality, the strength of your relationship is actually determined by the lowest present level of commitment.Premature commitment occurs by rushing the process and skipping steps. Allow the relationship to develop naturally according to God’s timetable.Naturally you want to discover more about them by communicating with them, or perhaps by questioning others about them.What you learn through the discovery step should bring you to evaluate whether or not it is wise to become more involved in this relationship.George was strongly committed to being a responsive spouse Concentrating on his legal brief was unusually difficult for forty-year-old George.Flashbacks to the previous night kept intruding and disturbing his focus.She had the major influence over the quality of the relationship.George couldn’t force her to participate in working things out, so she got the upper hand by opting out. Result –frustration that led to hostility, which in turn promoted instability, uncertainty, disconnection, and low marital satisfaction. If the answer is “yes,” you make a commitment to go further.As a result, you seek ways to cultivate the relationship thereby developing increased attraction and desire.

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