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Her writing staff is comprised of stand-up comedians who double as on-air personalities.

I look forward to not thinking my last name is Chelsea Lately because that’s not even a real last name.

My name is Chelsea Handler and it’s nice to meet you.” Handler also shared that the 30-minute series, which marks Netflix’s first-ever talk show, will not be live, though it will incorporate a live studio audience. “It has to be fed into 190 countries, which prohibits us from going live on Netflix, so we’re going to tape and then they will stream and feed it into every other country and territory that they’re in and then it will come on about probably 12 hours after we tape it.” As announced yesterday, “Chelsea” will be on three days per week, streaming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday — a schedule that Handler jokes makes her four-day weekend possible. Handler said her talk show will have similarities to her four-part Netflix documentary series “Chelsea Does” in regards to covering “real topics with a sense of humor.” As for guests, the comedian says to expect much more than pop culture (like her E! She has celebrities, athletes and politicians on her wish list — and yes, she is hoping to get both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

George thought the women with Fabio were taking pictures of him.

How embarrassed is George Clooney to be in a fight with Fabio?

Like “Chelsea Does,” which went to Peru, travel will be integrated into the new show.

Handler revealed that she just got back from Florida where they filmed election coverage, and the production has also visited Tokyo and Moscow. late-night vehicle, Handler’s comedic sidekick Chuy will not be on board for the Netflix show. That’s where he resides full time now.”) The host also expressed that she doesn’t want “Chelsea” to mirror the typical late-night format.

Another good thing the show has going for it: it's actually funny.

It's not trying so hard to make you laugh at it - it's like second nature to the cast of this program, and they do it perfectly.

On Netflix, she has reached her pinnacle; or in this case, her rudiment.

There is no title more fitting than However, creative freedom does not equate to quality.

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    Chelsea Lately and Other Quotesedit. "Men don't realize that if we're sleeping with them on the first date, we're probably not interested in seeing them again either.". Chelsea Chuy, have you ever called 911? Chuy No, I don't know the number. Chelsea Chuy, do you have any advice for Gary Coleman? Chuy Yes.…