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Finally I was secured and fixed with tight cargo straps.Lady Renee treated me with her heels and feet and I even was allowed to smell the inside of her leather boots.

Each inhale brought the plastic closer to my nostrils.

Each exhale Every breath warmed the air in the bag to suffocating levels.

You go first: With the assistance of your girlfriend you get the ropes.

After we are finished with you, you're helplessly bound. I will tie her up and geg her as well while you watch, turned on and disbelieving... The two of you in bondage with ballgags stuffed in your mouth!

As I said: Those tights are most definetely the finest #hosiery I ever had on my #legs and since I have an extreme #footfetish this was a great #pantyhoseadventure.

After cumming into those #tights I was #bound again for a few hours! Before we start to play both of you have to be bound and gagged.Jon is wearing Biondini chapboots and Paula "satin de luxe" tights from Wolford. And again, I want to share what it means to me and what I like about this particular fetish. Now I stopped searching because I experienced the best view and action I could ever imagine!It is such a bizarre kink to have but maybe any sexual fetish is a strange thing for those whom do not own it as I do. The best way to relax is in my opinion to be COMPLETELY encased and restrained and bereft of all my senses except touch and smell. Watch this nice sissy wearing a dotted girl dress sucking her mistress LADY RENEE feet: "I guess why I love Worshipping Womens Feet in pantyhose so much is because I got it when I was a kid. Especially when you can just sit down being tied up, relax and smell their feet for awhile. Have the woman being worshipped, being receptive and interested in foot worship and watching her enjoy it.#nylonmummy #zentai #encasement #nylonfetish #spandexbondage #femdom Such a fantastic #footjob in #platino #tights #pantyhose.A #feetlovers & #footlovers paradise: Getting treated by Dinas #nylonclad #feet.#chaps #boots #chapboots #bondage #fetish #leather Another fantastic #footjob in #platino #tights #pantyhose.A #feetlovers & #footlovers paradise: Getting treated by my mistress #nylonclad #feet.Crossdresser and sissy boy Jon fantasizes about being tied up with the girl of his dreams - Paula. After Paula tied up and gagged Jon with a leather gag, Paula joins him in bondage as she gets hogtied and ballgagged in bed! The dreams of every foot-slave are now becoming reality!Mouthstuffed and bound both now enkoy their quality bondage time together! And his GF Dina likes #ballgags most I'm proud to present one of the most beautiful Mistress in the world, a Goddess that really enjoy to tease her slave under her feet: Mistress Paula. I was surfing for years the internet-foot-fetish-world and visited hundreds of related sites.My breathing become shorter as I plastic intruded into my nostrils.I cut short each inhale earlier and earlier for fear of the plastic getting stuck and plugging my nose shut.

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