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Dating and sharps container

Use this chart to determine if your laboratory biohazardous/medical waste is regulated by DHS and must therefore be contained in a red bag: Generators are responsible for supplying their own bags.The bags must be clear or white and labeled with the biohazard symbol or wording.In general, lids should be used to prevent the spread of potentially infectious agents or material.

They are prelabeled with biohazard symbols and the word "Biohazard." Medical/biohazardous waste collected in laboratory waste containers (red-bagged or clear-bagged) must be transferred to these pickup containers for pickup.

Laboratory waste in red bags must be transferred weekly.

Both colors of bags are disposed and treated by LBNLs biohazardous/medical waste disposal subcontractor in the same manner.

The following flowchart (Figure 2-4) shows the basis for clear-bag use for solid medical/biohazardous waste as well as disposal guidelines and definitions for medical/biohazardous waste.

The bags do not need to be certified for autoclave use.

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The following suppliers sell clear biohazard bags of various sizes: Generators are responsible for supplying their own bags.

At a minimum, the lid must be on the container during breaks, lunch, and at the end of each workday.

Small countertop containers lined with clear bags (used for nonregulated biohazardous waste) can be used and kept uncovered.

The containers may be any color, but they must be labeled with either the words "Biohazardous Waste," or with a biohazard symbol and the word "Biohazard." The labels must be placed on both the lid and the sides of the container.

The labels must be visible from all sides of the container.

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