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Issues of high-stress, high-responsibility, high-emotion people-oriented jobs; self-care while caring for others; needing to be needed; dependency and co-dependency; burnout, overextension and secondary (vicarious) trauma; the benefits and liabilities of having the gifts of service, sensitivity and empathy.

winner Suzanne Shaw is planning to tie the knot with her boyfriend Jason "JK" King.

Living in the tension between accepting yourself and others as they are while striving for growth, improvement and deepening.

Working with the unconscious through images, dreams, metaphors, symbolism, bodily sensations and body memory.

In an episode that’s become the talk of the Hamptons, Long Island’s summer playground for the rich, the powerful and assorted hangers-on, Cook, an architect of 55, is again chasing skirts and short-shorts, Emily Smith of Page Six first reported.

The lusty, middle-aged antics prompted Cook’s current wife, Suzanne Shaw, to move out of the house she shared with him in Sag Harbor and file for a legal separation at the end of February.

After Darren she never dreamed she'd find happiness again, let alone want to get married.

I’m talking about supermodel Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook, a white-toothed glam guy and unspeakable cad who cheated on her during their 12-year marriage with a teenager and engaged in an Internet porn habit alleged to have cost ,000 a month.

A bit of advice to any woman who’s deluded herself into believing that she’s landed a knight in shining armor, only to see her dreams of happily-ever-after rocked by suspicions of flagrant infidelity: Check references.

Then he blamed Brinkley, in a postdivorce TV interview with Barbara Walters, for driving him into the arms of a younger babe — because she didn’t pay enough attention to him. Now 60, Brinkley is an ageless stunner who’s getting the last laugh, although I doubt she’s enjoying it.

“I’m great,’’ he said after I asked how he was doing. I’m not interested in sharing my private life again.’’ He kept talking. Things are quiet with my current situation until little people with little lives are talking about it.’’ Well, I did once call him in print “an aging, controlling sex addict.’’ (Hey, Brink­ley was “the aging, controlling supermodel who divorced him.’’) Brinkley would not comment.

The stories of Cook’s escapades are spilling out of the Hamptons like beach sand.

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