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Dating fiestaware

They did this ironstone line, which is I think pretty unattractive, but people do collect it.

They quit for a while and picked it back up again in the mid-1980s, but they redesigned the line.

Dating fiestaware

Red was always more expensive because the materials were more expensive, and it still is probably the most desirable color.: I don’t know if it was just a management problem, because the interest was definitely there.People collect the pottery, even the new stuff, and they go to the factory.All you have to do is put your finger inside of a water pitcher and the new ones have what they call a little dimple inside the handle.As soon as you know that, you’ll never be fooled again. You can go to your mall, like to a big Macy’s department store, and you can buy Fiesta.That was probably Riviera, because Fiesta would be marked.People would know Fiesta, but Riviera wouldn’t be marked, so often they wouldn’t know what it was. I think it’s the color that everybody responds to first with Fiesta. : Yes, Homer Laughlin Pottery Company in Newell, West Virginia. Fiesta started in January 1936 and went through the war.They used stamps and numbers or initials on the bottom of pieces, inspected by the plant. If you get a piece, turn it over, and if you see a pair of numbers or a pair of letters, you know that it’s vintage.There are little, tiny differences in the pieces, too.So they were really switching it up a lot, and then the whole thing dwindled until the 1980s.Anybody who collects vintage Fiesta has this kind of special appreciation for it compared to the newer colors.

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