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You don’t need a whole lot to make this darling piece of art!– In Word, open up a new document and make sure it’s in “landscape” mode.

You will probably be cutting that length down but it’s better to be safe then sorry.

🙂 Also cut out a piece of white cardstock to be the background for your art, you’ll want it to be sized 8×10 inches. I like to use the square adhesives, it makes the tree/heart pop off the page to make it look a little more interesting.

I like to hang out by fruits and vegetables, there's a better chance of getting a guy who's healthy.

See more » My friend commented this is a Mc Donald's movie - that is, you don't go to Macca's expecting haute cuisine and the title and summary at the back of the DVD cover should have tipped people off that this is a Cheese Burger movie.

You see a guy holding a list, you know he's married.

He's in the frozen food section carrying a small basket, he's single.

The owners write a profile about their pet and whether they want it walked, looked after at home or groomed.

To ensure nothing goes wrong, the site carries out detailed checks on borrowers (such as making sure the name and address given match).

I then secured the bottom of the twine to the background page and then tied the top on the tree limb. When I was done, I adhered the larger hearts on top. 🙂 You can always put this part inside the frame if you want, but I LOVE the look of mine on the outside.

– Put adhesive on the smaller hearts, and put them on the glass of the frame… Either way , I love how it looks when layering the hearts.

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