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Thoughts on USAREUR and its role in the defense of Europe by a young second lieutenant on his way to his first European assignment - with a Battle Group in Bamberg, Germany.

They provide a reflection of what life was like for the soldier in Europe in the mid-1950s.It required a reduction of 18,000 in authorized support personnel -- contrasted to personnel on hand -- in the services in Europe during Fiscal Years 19.In conjunction with these reductions, 13,435 combat spaces were added in Europe through the end of FY 1976 by increasing personnel in existing units and by deploying new combat units.One program to convert headquarters and military support personnel to combat personnel was prescribed by an amendment to the Fiscal Year 1975 Do D Appropriations Authorization Act.This amendment is referred to as the "Nunn Amendment" after Senator Sam Nunn, who was a moving force behind it.The headquarters to be eliminated: Combat Support Command, USAREUR & 7th Army - Patton Bks, Heidelberg not yet idendified support command at Pirmasens The reduction in manpower (several thousand desk jobs) effected by the inactivations will provide the manpower for an airborne battalion combat team two tank battalions two attack helicopter companies one Chaparral-Vulcan (air defense) battalion Functions of the Combat Support Comd will be absorbed by various USAREUR Hq agencies. The Chaparral/ Vulcan Air Defense Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division was deployed along with a supporting Ordnance detachment and two attack helicopter companies equipped with AH-1G Cobras; these units were organized, trained, and deployed from 13 November 1972 to 24 January 1973. This so-called "tooth-to-tail" relationship was achieved through mergers, reductions, inactivations, and an aver-all streamlining of headquarters and logistical functions.The European Office, MATCOM's functions will be taken over by TASCOM Hqs. Five forward area alerting radar platoons were also organized, trained, and deployed to Europe to augment the capability of existing Chaparral/ Vulcan air defense battalions, and an assault support helicopter company with CH-47 craft and two medical helicopter air ambulance platoons with UH-1 H helicopters were also deployed., the ratio of combat units to support units was improved without increasing U. Personnel economies were used to improve the combat forces, " The report described the implementation of Public Law 93-365, Section 2 (known as the "Nunn Amendment") and its impact on combat capabilities in Europe.An addtional 4,000 combat spaces were added by the Air Force in FY 1977.New combat units were drawn from elements of the Army's force structure in the United States and provided While more combat units and increased manning in existing units provided added capability to meet the threat of short, intense war, these gains were not achieved without a deterioration of some wartime combat support capabilities, particularly in the Army.The Commander in Chief, USEUCOM, delegated to the Commander in Chief, USAREUR, responsibility for continuing to administer the military aspects of the US presence in Germany and, in this role, to continue to operate as a single point of contact for dealing with the German authorities and with the Office for the US High Commissioner for Germany.The Commander in Chief, USAREUR, also assumed command of the newly created Central Army group (CENTAG), as one of NATO's tactical headquarters under which were placed the US Seventh Army and French forces.

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