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Transexual female to male dating sites

If you are a man new to the game of transsexual dating, you may get easy confused. This is a very delicate matter that should never be underrated for many different reasons, which we will see in next paragraphs.

I will tell you which are the possible scenario you may end up, depending which girl you are courting.

Same goes for transsexual girls looking for the right men.

Unfortunately, not all transsexual girls have been gifted by nature with a female androgyny look.

The androgyny ones will have a petite body, not so hairy, feminine voice and so on.

Sometimes hormones, makeup, feminine clothes could be not enough to give her enough self-confident or self-acceptance or satisfaction as lady look.

Then, some transgender girls will undergo cosmetic surgery to align the look with their female gender identity. For example, hormones can’t make huge boobs, or perfect legs and hips.

And most of all, you will even prove yourself of being not the classic lusty one after mere fantasies.

That your knowledge is based NOT only on porn and other bullshits.

Feminisation is also called Feminization is also called transition, that begun with injections or taking pills of female hormones, the female estrogens.

These so-called hormonal cures ( therapy ) will give them a smooth skin, fresh look, little boobs, and with time (months / years) more feminine features developed.

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