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The modern Inuit can now hunt with much more ease than their ancestors.

Inuit lands include the northeastern tip of Siberia , the islands of the Bering Sea , and the coastal regions of mainland Alaska .

They also include the north coast and islands of the Canadian Arctic and most of the west coast and part of the east coast of Greenland .

The term Eskimo comes from a Native American word that may have meant 'eater of raw meat'.

They prefer the name Inuit, which means 'the people' or 'real people' and comes from a language called Inuit-Inupiaq.

The singular of Inuit is Inuk, which means 'person'.

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As the Inuit spread eastward, they modified their way of life to suit the Arctic environments they encountered.They caught fish and hunted seals, walruses and whales.On land, they hunted caribou, musk oxen, polar bear and other small animals. They crafted tools and weapons from the animals' bones, antlers, horns and teeth.In summer, they traveled in boats covered with animal skin, called kayaks and in winter, on sleds pulled by dogteams.Most Inuit lived in tents in the summer and in large sod houses during the winter.Most Inuit speak English, Russian, or Danish in addition to their native language.The kayak and the umiak have given way to motor boats, the snowmobile has replaced the dog team.They live in wooded homes rather than snowhouses, sod houses or tents.They wear modern clothing instead of animal skin garments.No longer are the Inuit subjected to only the dogsled and kayak.With the age of technology, snowmobiles, outboard motor boats and high-powered rifles have become familiar in everyday lives.

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