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One of the more interesting discoveries they made during their courtship was that they lived just ten minutes away from each other in the tight-knit Jewish community of Hendon, a London suburb.

“In Hendon, I grew up with all the Jews in the area and I got to know everyone pretty well.

An IT administrator, David, 36, joined the event as a way to widen his social circle and meet his soulmate.

A dozen of them were married or are engaged to be married, among them, Pamela, who joined JEP on a trip to Malta in 2012.

On her third trip to Bratislava in May 2013, she met her husband David.

According to statistics, Pamela and David’s children will have a very high likelihood of marrying Jewish.

Studies show that individuals raised by two Jewish parents are more likely to identify with Jewish tradition and be actively engaged in all aspects of Jewish life.

I have to explain to them their responsibility in terms of a larger Jewish collective and try to create an understanding of what it means to be part of a global and eternal people.

“I remind them that the reason we are here, in the middle of Ukraine, at a Shabbat table celebrating our age-old traditions is because the generations before us married Jewish.” In Europe, where the Ives encounter many participants in their programs who don’t necessarily prioritize marrying Jewish, they’ve settled on a different approach, allowing the experience of Jewish fraternity to speak for them.“We have other programs to encourage Judaic learning and traditions,” explains Chabad representative to Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dina Stambler.“But the goal of this program is specifically for Jews to meet and interact with one another.” Though less than a year old, the program has already resulted in many Jewish marriages.Gold members can select their own dedicated shadchan.The Find Your Bashert shadchanim will contact you to get to know you beyond your profile.Although optimistic, Stambler is not oblivious to the huge challenges she’s up against.“Many of the locals don’t recognize the value of marrying a Jew—they don’t see it as important.They made up my group of friends,” Pamela, a 31 year old electrical engineer, explains.“You tend not to date your friends, so when I started dating I went on a lot of trips to Israel and America through different Jewish organizations.” Pamela knew she would like to marry someone who wanted to keep a kosher home and observe Shabbat with her, but she wasn’t finding Mr. It’s a frustration familiar to thousands of young Jewish singles in their late twenties and thirties wishing to find a Jewish spouse.Those born to parents of different faiths have a much slimmer chance of growing up committed to Jewish life; indeed, only 17% of children from interfaith marriages marry Jewish.“We cannot sit by indifferently as we continue to lose Jews,” says Sara Ives. Not easy, but possible.” Worldwide Trends With centers in major cities and countries worldwide, Chabad representatives—especially in places like the Former Soviet Union and Brazil—where the in-marriage rate is a low 20-40% respectively—are working creatively to turn th e tide.

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