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The apocalyptic film, also starring Edward Norton, presents an unglamorous Pitt in a disturbing role as leader of "fight club," a bloody diversion for young professional males. Showcasing a married pair who are both secretly working as spies, the movie earned more than 8 million worldwide, with the two actors eventually becoming a real-life couple.Pitt's next film, the critically acclaimed , a film based on a short story by F. In this Fincher-directed movie, Pitt plays the title character, who is born as a 70-year-old man and ages in reverse.After weathering only seven months in Los Angeles, Pitt had secured an agent and regular acting work., but it was a well-timed bit part in a controversial Hollywood film that pushed him into the glare of instant stardom.

Pitt plays a Canadian carpenter who greatly aids Northup, with a cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael Fassbender and Quvenzhané Wallis.“Being here is so surreal, I have butterflies in my tummy! As for what she’s going to be doing after her whirlwind awards season, she may be packing her bags.Being here is extraordinary.” The actress looked stunning in a Louis Vuitton gown which she described is in a “dusty yellow” hue. “I just finished a film last week and I’m going to go for at least 4 or 5 days,” she said when asked during the PEOPLE preshow if she will be taking a break. Pitt received another Oscar nod for the film, which won three Academy Awards.In 2009, Pitt starred in Quentin Tarantino's , a baseball dramedy that follows the travails of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane and his quest to reshape his team.However, after seeing the final film, Rice retracted her initial statements and filmed a short spot for the video version, endorsing the film.Caryn James of Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)" data-full-height="324" data-full-src="https:// NDEw MDM2Nj Iy ODYy/brad-pittgwyneth-paltrow.jpg" data-full-width="565" data-image-id="ci01a33b79e986860e" data-image-slug="Brad Pitt; Gwyneth Paltrow" data-public-id="MTE4MDAz NDEw MDM2Nj Iy ODYy"Michel Dufour/Wire Image/Getty Images)" data-full-height="324" data-full-src="https:// MTQ0MTUy NTg5/fr-57th-cannes-film-festivaltroy---france-premiere.jpg" data-full-width="565" data-image-id="ci01ac7ce9ba19860c" data-image-slug="FR: 57th Cannes Film Festival,"Troy" - France Premiere" data-public-id="MTE1ODA0OTcx MTQ0MTUy NTg5"Jeff Vespa/Wire Image)" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="https:// Nj A4Nj Mz Mzkw NDAx MDM2/sparks-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie.jpg" data-full-width="1427" data-image-id="ci01ac7ce9be15860c" data-image-slug="sparks-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie" data-public-id="MTIw Nj A4Nj Mz Mzkw NDAx MDM2" data-source-name="(Photo: Jeff Vespa/Wire Image)" data-source-page-url=" Rentz/Getty Images)" data-full-height="1460" data-full-src="https:// Nj Uz Nz Q5MDI5NDE0NTAx/gettyimages-114214494jpg.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci01f74155a0002666" data-image-slug="Getty Images-114214494.jpg" data-public-id="MTQx Nj Uz Nz Q5MDI5NDE0NTAx"Francois Durand/Getty Images)" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="https:// Ix MTc1Nz Ax MDAz/brangelinajpg.jpg" data-full-width="1331" data-image-id="ci01af657ab9c5860d" data-image-slug="brangelina.jpg" data-public-id="MTE5NTU2Mz Ix MTc1Nz Ax MDAz"Brad Pitt, kids Maddox Jolie-Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Pax Jolie-Pitt arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of ' Unbroken' at The Dolby Theatre on December 15, 2014 in Hollywood, California.Vikander arrived on the Oscars red carpet solo, and she revealed that she’s nervous to be at the Academy Awards as a first-time nominee.“I’m at the Oscars, it’s crazy,” Vikander said on the red carpet.Then, in 1997, after a seven-month engagement, the couple split for unknown reasons.In 1995, Pitt starred as a mental patient in Terry Gilliam's psychological thriller .

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