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After running through six editors in eight years, Fillmore sought a more stable editorial foundation and went east to confer with Thurlow Weed, editor of the Albany Evening Journal and powerful Whig political boss of New York.

In 1840 Reed was assaulted by individuals whom the Sentinel charged were hirelings of Democratic Governor Henry Dodge.

Later that year the paper abandoned its independence and proclaimed itself a Whig paper with its endorsement of William Henry Harrison for president in 1840.

The Sentinel launched a German paper, Der Volksfreund, to bring the city's large population of German immigrants to the Whig cause. King himself was a delegate to Wisconsin's second constitutional convention. Brightman, but remained editor, covering the state legislative sessions of 1859–1861 himself.

He was also appointed head of the Milwaukee militia and sat on the University of Wisconsin's board of regents, as well as being the first superintendent of Milwaukee public schools. After the enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, King joined Wisconsin Freeman editor Sherman M.

The next year he sold the Sentinel to Elisha Starr, an editor who had founded a new Whig paper in response to the Sentinel's Democratic lapse. president Millard Fillmore) and succeeded in ousting Starr, who kept publishing his own version of the Sentinel.

Reed later became a "carpetbag" governor of Florida during Reconstruction. Keeler and Fillmore trumped his efforts by turning their Sentinel into a daily on December 9, 1844, while still publishing a weekly edition.

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King invested his own money in the paper, purchasing the first power press in the Midwest.

Two years later the first telegraph message wired to Wisconsin was received in the Sentinel office.

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