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But he soon realized that his greater talent was in penning characters rather than playing them.

Soon after graduating, he began writing off Broadway plays, including his first script Removing all Doubt, and then Hidden in This Picture in 1988.

Before the play ran, Sorkin sold the movie rights that would lead to an Oscar-nominated film starring Demi Moore in the role based on his sister.

His next movie was Malice, a so-so crime thriller starring Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman.

It’s one of the classic TV shows – seven straight series of solid leftie wish fulfilment.

A debate around liberal credentials has emerged this week, after emails from its writer and creator Aaron Sorkin were leaked, in which he makes some rather sexist comments about female actors not being as good as their male counterparts. “Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep can play with the boys, but there just aren’t that many tour-de-force roles out there for women.”As The Independent's Rosie Millard wrote in response: "Well, if that is the case, whose fault is that? " And it's true - if is anything to go by, Sorkin has been failing his female characters for a while now.

It can be – as it was when I very recently binge-watched the whole lot in about two months – quite a shock to one’s modern feminist sensibilities. Well, there are several, one of which being that even in 1999 it was apparently okay to be colossally misogynist on prime time TV.

Mainly, however, it’s that series auteur Aaron Sorkin has never quite stopped being a big fat sexist, albeit one with a spectacular barber.

Aaron Sorkin is one of the most acclaimed, beloved, hated and, if nothing else, identifiable screenwriters of modern times.

Probably best known for his primetime drama The West Wing, the sound of a Sorkin screenplay is unmistakable—witty, fast-talking dialogue or monologue, intelligent-but-acerbic male protagonists, and morality tales with politically liberal messages.

While known for his smart stories of government and politics, he’s also written quite a bit about the media industry and television in particular.

While his style can be polarizing, Sorkin is an undeniably brilliant writer, responsible for modern classics such as A Few Good Men, and recent hits like The Social Network.

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