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Error updating jscript intellisense see error list

View 1 Replies Is there a good way to apply intellisense in files in ASP. I use namespaces in the aspx files in the same folder.

These situations are as follows: Members of user controls Members of classes defined in a class library project which is not part of the solution This is a problem for me because those comments can provide some really useful info.

why the XML metadata wouldn't be picked up by Intellisense and what I might do about it? I installed an intellisense schema for files to my visual studio 2008 long time ago but it had some bugs so i had to remove it. View 1 Replies When using VS2008 and C# I choose File - New - Web Site.

Intelli Sense for Label control" View 3 Replies I using Visual Web Developer 2008.

My Intelli Sense -Tool Tip at code window not clear, actually no background it transparaent.

I think my main problem is actually more to do with master pages that anything else..

Below is a description: If you use master pages in your website and you have pages in different sub directories then the simplest way to add JQuery references is using Similar Messages: In my company we have setup an architecture where all applications share the js scripts to avoid duplicate files and update hundred of files everytime we do an update to the javascripts functions.I have done some searching, but all I could find were some problems with the release candidate version crashing.Does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this and how to resolve it?The issue that I am having is when I create a reference to those scripts from website A to a function in website B, the intellisense doesn't work. What I am asking if there is a way to make the intellisense work when i am working with projects in this architecture.View 3 Replies I am wondering if it's possible to work on Content Place Holder window without seeing master page template?View 3 Replies I thought I would try this forum first, but it may be an ASP. I have setup profile in a web.config like the following:[Code]....However when I try and reference the profile in a code behind using the "Profile.blah-balh" the intellisense does not pick up the elements I have defined in the web.config.When I go to a content page referencing the Master Page I don't get any j Query intellisense support. ) What is more frustrating is the lack of Intellisense in my User Controls (.ascx) - It makes sense though since VS has no idea knowing if my UC will be loaded into a Master Page referencing the j Query.My Scripts folder has one file - jquery-1.4.2js [Code]....The second problem i've noticed is that when i try to add a table (1 row, 3 columns) to my content place holder and then try to adjust the width of those columns the whole layout of my page is getting messed up to the point that i have to use ctrl x to go back to previous stage.The master page was very complicated but i finally got it to work and i don't understand why while i manipulate contentplaceholder the layout of the master page is being affected.

Comments Error updating jscript intellisense see error list