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1st yr dating anniversary gifts

(Sometimes people tell me of almost out of body experiences as they type how much they ‘love’ their affair partner and ‘I’ve never felt this way before’ because they knew at the time that they didn’t mean them but it was what was expected in an affair and went along – like someone in a play performing their role.) You can further dissociate and minimise your behaviour by downplaying details.You certainly don’t want to remember all the lies that you’ve had to tell or how much you’ve betrayed your partner.

In this way, it almost feels like you’re another person doing this things which normally you would condemn.It also makes us feel a bad person and from a very early age we’re told explicitly (or it is implied) by our parents: bad things happen to bad children.It is further reinforced by movies and popular culture where bad people are punished and good people live happily ever after.Sometimes, out of desperation, you will agree to a detail suggested by their partner – ‘you must have fancied her for months before hand’ – because it sounds likely or may have happened and mostly to get your partner off your back.Not surprisingly, you become even more and more uncertain about the truth.I’m glad you feel shame perhaps you won’t do it again.Sometimes they use shame to punish their partner and make him or her feel as bad as they do.So in the first of my new style blogs, I’m going to look at why people keep forgetting details of affairs and whether it matters or not. My wife keeps asking me questions , she wants to see the whole picture so that she can understand what really happened.To me however, if feels as if someone took a scissor and cut parts of my memory away. I did things that are in total contrast to what I would have done normally, I lied to nearly everybody I love and value, acted completely against my own nature and values.Alternatively, you will get confused about details – because like the police your partner goes over the story time after time and point up inconsistencies ‘but you said you met in the bar’.After a while, you’re not sure what happened and what didn’t.

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