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Does age matter when dating

A 30 year old with a 50 year old may be perfectly happy and compatible but as they age, and begin to face the challenges that brings, the age difference could become a bigger problem.

Dealing With Stereotypes Because of Your Nationality...

Most people look for a new partner who is within five or ten years of their own age.

A strong emotional connection is an important factor in a relationship but emotional maturity often has little to do with how many years you’ve been alive – more on what has happened to you during those years and how you have dealt with it.

A 20 year old woman might find a 40 year old man is much better suited to her than a man her own age because they might be at the same life stage – ready to settle down and start a family, for example, while a 20 year old man might not be ready for that commitment.

If the two of you container each other, than go for it; use will boast all.

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Love has no age restriction and while people who don’t know you might judge a big age gap, the people closest to you will only care that you are happy.

The main consideration with a much older or younger partner is whether you want to start a family. A woman’s chances of conceiving start to diminish after the age of 35, so a man looking for a match to have children with will look for someone younger, but age is also a factor for a man.

Biologically a man can father children into his 60s, but there are other things to be taken into consideration.

If a man doesn’t become a father until he is 60, he will be 73 by the time the child reaches puberty.

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