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For instance, most kids spend a lot of time on However, if your child mistakenly adds an extra y to the url ( they are immediately whisked away to a very graphic XXX site.

So even if your kids agree to certain limits they can easily land where they don’t want to be.

A total of 39 organizations have provided complete information about their program to this site for a statewide completion rate of 100%.

These programs can be found in 34 different cities.

The reality is that kids can go online almost anywhere: school, library, coffee shop, work or a friend’s house.

They have devices such as cell phones, smart phones, consoles like X box and Play Station that can all connect to the Internet.

Sometimes these people are adults trying to gain the friendship and trust of young children.

Additionally, children should stay away from chat rooms that allow sexual discussions.She turned herself in to the sheriff's office Thursday after authorities began investigating an initial report of sexual assault against three juveniles, deputies said.Blake faces six counts of rape, six counts of incest, seven counts of computer child pornography and one count of sexual indecency with a minor, all felonies. Blake had her first court appearance Thursday where she was given a 0,000 bond. The suspect was interviewed by Deputy Guerry and admitted that he had travelled to Lake City from Arkansas to meet the 17 year old girl. Deputies Guerry and Glover gave chase and were able to apprehend the suspect after tackling him in the Publix parking lot.Once you establish guidelines you then need to check to make sure that they stay within these agreed limits.Sometimes your children will stumble upon content that you do not want them to see Unfortunately there are many websites on the Internet that actually ”˜lure’ kids into their site.Some chat rooms are monitored by an employee of the company or a volunteer. If the participants in that conversation are asked to leave the chat room they can simply use another form of communication to continue the conversation online.Chat rooms can be a dangerous place and parents need to talk to their kids about the potential dangers.Deputies were notified by the victim’s father that his daughter may have had sexual contact with the suspect. Deputy Guerry observed a man matching the suspect’s description walking on the sidewalk towards the hotel. The suspect admitted to deputies that he did in fact have sexual contact with the victim while he was here.At approximately pm, Deputies Chad Guerry and Corporal Rick Glover learned that the suspect may be temporarily staying at the Piney Woods Lodge; a local hotel on U. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Columbia County Detention Facility on multiple charges.

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