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The service is paid for through a 0,000 three-year grant from the California Wellness Foundation, which also funds a phone hotline where people can anonymously speak to health educators.That program has been around for more than a decade, but Planned Parenthood added the online chat about two years ago to connect with those who increasingly seek information online.ORANGE The questions that pop up on computer screens at Planned Parenthood’s headquarters can be surprising to those who aren’t tapped into high school locker room conversations or late night phone calls with friends. It wasn’t really planned, so we didn’t use a condom,” a 17-year-old girl types during a live chat online. I heard u can’t get pregnant the first time,” the teen writes.

“We know if teens have more accurate information, they’ll make healthier decisions,” said Stephanie Kight, Planned Parenthood vice president of public affairs.

is an organization devoted to creating healthy relationships and providing support and information to those looking for it.

said he's retiring as athletic director at Michigan State University.

But Nassar treated athletes there for nearly two decades, and there are serious questions about how the university responded to complaints about Nassar.

When we talk about sexual health there are a lot of things to think about, because not only do your decisions affect you… Deciding to be sexually intimate can be complicated…

Add to that all the information about contraception and STIs and it can start to feel pretty overwhelming!The program also gets partial funding from private donors and from tobacco settlement revenue awarded through the county, which supervisors last week voted to suspend because they don’t think county money should go to a nonprofit that performs abortions.Planned Parenthood is still committed to keeping the chat online, and they’re raising money to supplement the cash they’ll likely lose from the county.The next few pages will provide honest, straightforward info about sex and sexuality, and hopefully clear up some of the questions you might have.If you need more, check out our links and support section to find websites, health professionals and youth-focused services.With more knowledge comes a strengthened ability to make good decisions, which is especially important when talking about sex.Keeping yourself healthy is important no matter what you do.“When you have a forum that allows any type of question to be asked and nobody has to be worried about saving face, or being too knowledgeable or ignorant, and someone professional doesn’t have to worry about looking bad, it’s a terrific approach,” Tavrow says.“What I really like is that someone can ask a follow-up question and can keep probing until they get (answers to all their questions).” People are online to answer questions every day until midnight.The report given to Thomashow concluded: "we cannot find that the conduct was of a sexual nature." But it said her claim was "helpful in that it allows us to examine certain practices" at Michigan State University.A different, more detailed conclusion was sent to Nassar and his boss at Michigan State.

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