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Updating phone firmware to callmanager

I would like to apply a service update on my cluster to solve a specific issue that is a known bug with our existing 9.1.1(a).

I will be upgrading to 9.1(2)SU2a and a newer phone firmware will be on the tftp servers post upgrade.

See the "Adding a Device Pool" section on page 8-2.•If the device is a phone, configure new phone templates.

Once the sub comes back online, they will do a graceful fallback.

This means if they are in use, they will stay registered to the pub until the call ends. My normal practice when doing a major CUCM upgrade is to install the newer firmware in advance.

I will upgrade the inactive partition on all of the servers starting with the publisher choosing the option not to reboot at the end for all of the servers.

Then I will switch versions on the publisher and wait until that comes back online. Certifications: A Network CCENT CCNA Voice I understand it is a maint window but that really is different than user impacting down time.

If there is a better way to accomplish please let me know and thanks.

updating phone firmware to callmanager-65

Rob After you upgrade the publisher, go to default device firmware and put the old versions back.They will continue to function normally (assuming all of them are registered just to the sub).In fact they will continue to remain normal through the sub upgrade.My idea is to switch versions on the publisher and TFTP nodes followed by manually replacing the phone firmware files on the TFTP server back to the old files.After that, I will switch versions on the phone registration nodes which is normally where the phones would upgrade firmware.At this time the devices pulled the new firmwares (Intentionally didn't change the device defaults).For 900 devices the process took just over 40 minutes including, server restart, device updates and the migration back to the subscriber.~Han The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.For example, for the firmware load P002A0305556, a file named P002A0305556exists in the Program Files\Cisco\TFTPPath folder.This allows me to more precisely control the upgrade process by selectively rebooting phones after the firmware is installed on the pub/TFTP (instead of having all phones go down at once for an upgrade).Then when I do the CUCM upgrade later, not having to deal with the phones being upgraded is one less thing to worry about and keeps the service disruption shorter.

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