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Madigan’s typical opening act, Chuck Martin, tagged along, though I cannot tell whether or not Jerry was expecting this.

Of course, Martin had his share of strong one-liners even without setting up Madigan.

At one point, Madigan commented “it’s like finding two albino ferrets.” Afterward, Madigan sees a colorful Fiat in traffic and wonders why other cars cannot be that way.

Martin ends the segment with a clever line about You Tube stars.

Later on, Madigan has her strongest quip of the episode, about a drunk comedian who also has cerebral palsy.

The car itself fits Madigan because it is “logical fun,” as Seinfeld describes it.

The car was fast, but it didn’t look like a fast car, which set it apart from American cars at the time.

The trio went out on top during the return car ride.

They could not understand why the term “douchebag” caught on as an insult while other terms did not.

As the restaurant section begins, there were two season firsts.

One that I believe was also a series first was a plug for not just the restaurant, but also an explanation of Jerry’s coffee selection.

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