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A Yemeni man has been executed in a public square for the rape and murder of a four-year-old girl in the country's rebel-controlled capital Sanaa.Hussein al-Saket, 22, was shot five times before his body was strung from a crane in front of a large crowd in Sanaa.Don't use their proprietary and dubious browser Chrome just because it's popular with the herd. Take the power to decide what you get to watch away from Google and put it in your own hands instead.

On July 31, another man was executed in the same square after being convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl.

Both executions have been framed as an example of the Shiite rebels' efforts to combat crime in their areas.

But more than ever, their future looks uncertain with Saudi Arabian troops massing on the border, Iran refusing to back down and nightly air strikes conducted by planes from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and even Sudan.'There were huge blazes in the mountains outside Sanaa.

It looks like they hit a missile depot and it was on fire for half an hour or so.

Then there was anti-aircraft fire until dawn,' a Sanaa resident said.

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Nevertheless, even before the Houthi advance began, life wasn't particularly easy for the women of Yemen.

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This is the second such public execution in less than a month, seen as a display of power by the Shiite rebel group that has been in control of the city since the 2014 military coup Ali Ayedh, the victim's uncle, said al-Saket 'took part in the search for the girl before being unmasked' during the police investigation.

He said his public execution would act as a 'deterrent for criminals'.

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