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They show the same profiles over and over and when they do add a new person that might catch your eye that's the person that asks you to add more information outside of the site. It's a joke, and it's not an inexpensive joke either. Badoo seems interesting as a psychological phenomenon: the amount of fake profiles is shocking, and the amount of women that are real but 'trying to hard' as well.

It's November now and honestly I met this guy on there and weve been dating for about 3 months and I feel so strongly for him and we both love eachother and it's crazy because I feel like I met "the one" as crazy and naive as that sounds but we met eachother through badoo and it was a risk and i was scared to meet him in person in May and I wa careful.

But thanks to this app I am in love and i'm so happy and I met my best friend :)This site is by far the worst in terms of fake profiles...

I was on the site for one week before I decided to shut it down.

During that week, I received many "inquiries"; however, they were virtually all living in Ghana or W Africa, even though there profile said they were in Houston.

Could it be they changed it or does the review lie?

All you can search there now is age, gender and location.

I don't even say distance because the minimal distance is "entire city" (even if you live in NYC)...

Badoo used to be a great app and I had met several girls there. I have not received ANY responses in the past year.

Dating Sites may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this page and buy a product or service. But if you do, here's a few tips that you really need to know before you get involved with these jerks.

If you decide to talk to somebody and you actually purchase some credits be sure to look for something that you can click that does not allow them to just simply refinance your credits as soon as you get low.

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