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She also portrayed a villainous efficiency expert on Newsradio.In 2000, Graham landed her breakthrough role as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

After moving to Texas in 1992, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Acting Performance from Southern Methodist University.

After completing her education, Graham moved back to New York City where she became a waitress and aspiring actress, including her first paid work doing publicity appearances wearing the costume of Striker, the dog mascot of the US-based 1994 FIFA World Cup. She appeared in various commercials for products such as Dimetapp and Lean Cuisine and hosted free preview weekends on The Movie Channel.

It was announced in January 2009 that Graham would star in the comedy pilot, The Bridget Show (previously Let It Go) for ABC playing a talk show host and self-help guru who fails to follow her own advice during a breakup.

One recent Saturday morning at an unprepossessing roadside diner in the hills above Malibu, three men are gathered around a small, rickety corner table sharing a low-key late breakfast.

On the face of it, his new role does not sound like the sort of thing that one might imagine Le Blanc - who played the dim-witted Joey Tribbiani in Friends - would instantly have been attracted to.

In his new comedy series, Episodes, which is being made jointly by U. cable channel Showtime and the BBC, Le Blanc will play himself in a fly-on-the-wall-style drama about a downmarket TV reality show.

Graham's parents divorced when she was five, and Graham moved to Washington, D.

C., where her father became a congressional staffer.

They are meeting for one of their male-bonding sessions that have become a semi-regular fixture since the series ended nearly six years ago.

More and more, however, these once cosy get-togethers have begun to resemble something more akin to a self-help group than a chance to catch up over a low-fat latte.

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