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Updating firmware on iphone

Step 9: i Tunes will now download the firmware file (which can take a long time depending on your internet connection as it can be as big as 2.1GB).

After downloading the file, it will process it, extract the software, prepare the device for software update, and install the update.

All you have to do is restart the Mail App and the emails will start responding.

In order to make it possible press your home button twice.

Wait for i Tunes to open and connect to your device.

Step 2: Click on device button to the left of the i Tunes Store button in the top right corner in i Tunes. If the i OS 8 update is available it will automatically download and update your device to i OS 8.

Follow the on-screen instructions to start using the device. If you need help or have any questions, please use the i OS 8 forums.

It is the fastest way to get a response from us or someone from the community.Click on i Tunes in the menu bar and then click on “Check for Updates..”.Once i Tunes is all squared away, it’s time to turn your attention to your i OS device and follow these instructions: Step 1: Connect your i OS device to your computer using an USB cable.So the only option jailbreakers have is that you have to update your device using i Tunes.You can follow these simple instructions to update your i OS device to i OS 8: Note: Upgrading your device you will end up losing your jailbreak, and the installed jailbreak tweaks.The only message that you will receive is your message has not been downloaded by the server.There is a chance that your email not updating on i Phone.Now select Add account and enter your email details so you can sign in to your account once again. The push application is working on the device but you are not receiving the notifications for the email.It means that you have to open up the email application repeatedly to check your emails and it can be very annoying. Select the mail application that you have been using.Here are some of the ways that you can use to fix the issue.There are chances that the email push is not working on the i Phone.

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