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to inform them of the difficulties experienced in resolving this issue.I did some more research on the cabins and property.

The cabin details mentioned that the room had a kitchette and a hot tub.

The street name was indicated on the map, 2222 Angel Lane, Camano Island, WA 98282.

Christian Lynn Moats Camno Cliff Cabins , Camano Cottages Christina Moats, time is up! The property was misrepresented by the owner and now, she will not provide a refund UNLESS another person rents the property for the same dates of July 3-6, 2009.

On the company's website,, NO information is given regarding non-refundable reservations.

On April 22nd, I reserved a cabin with Camano Cliff Cabins for a cabin property on July 3-6, 2009.

After viewing the information on the cabin on AND, I spoke with Christina Lynn Moats, the property owner. Moats promised a better representation of the cabin would be sent in the mail regarding the property.I immediately requested a refund, doing it as early as possible as a courtesy for her business. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and Better Business Bureau.It was at that point that I was informed that NO refund would be given unless, or UNTIL the cabin are rebooked for the same dates. In addition, I have informed Camano Island Chamber of Commerce, Stanwood Chamber of Commerce, (where I saw the ad) and the Washington State Attorney General's office in Bellingham, WA.On April 25th, I received a crude, handwritten map and two washed out pictures of the same view and the king bed.A form with hand scribbled notes referenced the arrival dates.Every year, I go up to Camano Island for 4th of July for my goddaughter's birthday. Instead of making vacation plans, I'm dealing with this woman who won't own up and refund my money. I promptly told him that I needed it send to another address (which I noticed in my earlier e-mails; as a college student, I basically move apartments every year).I also contacted the new residents at my old address and asked them to let me know if I ever received any mail.If, for instance, you’d like to use Planco on your website, blog, fan page, videos or even perform your knowledge online, you can find out more here.Christina moats tutoring Christina Moats Scamming, used others to demolish gpa Whidby island, Washington Ok, I'm going to make this short and simple. She conveniently signed me up for the same math teacher as my previous year.Oddly enough, when she was fired my grades plummeted, but I had not done any thing wrong, the teacher started to hate me, purposefully miss me when passing out papers, call me out in front of the class and mark answers wrong on tests that are actually correct.Please, if you have her or a teacher named Roby Ellingson, do not sign up for the class or tutor next year. Stanwood Washington I am having difficulty obtaining a 260.16 refund for a vacation rental on Camano Island from Camano Cliff Cabins AKA Camano Cottages in Stanwood, WA.

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