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Updating wii menu

Note that the games will fill more space on the drive, but Dolphin does not currently accept input, so it is necessary.You can format a drive to NTFS using most partitioning applications or Windows. These are the formats most commonly used for Linux systems. EXT support is currently read-only, so there is no way to write games to the drive except via your PC, making it a poor choice. Note that ext support is very new (started in December 2010) and there may be bugs.Also, Cfg has some problems with case sensitivity when using NTFS drives.

The new version of d2x allows you to bypass IOS reload.

That means the handful of games that didn't work before (Metroid Prime Trilogy, Sam and Max, CSI: Deadly Intent, House of the Dead, etc.) now work perfectly.

These drives are very rare, but other format types may not work on these drives.

If you do want to format to WBFS for some reason, you can use the GParted tool to prepare your drive for formatting to WBFS with Cfg.

If you wish to format a drive to FAT32, this tool is recommended if you are using Windows (the partitioning application that comes with Windows won't create a FAT32 partition of a large enoguh size).

GParted or any other partitioning application can also be used.This won't affect games as they are automatically split, but perhaps it might affect other files you want to save on the same partition Your Wii games need to be installed to either a FAT partition or a WBFS partition on the drive.Most external drives come formatted as FAT32 and do not need to be reformatted for use with the loader.USB Loaders allow you to rip your own discs to an external USB hard drive and then run them from there.This will minimise load times, generally improve performance and means you can switch which Wii game you want to play without leaving your couch.We highly recommend Configurable USB Loader (known as Cfg for short) as it has the most features and the best customisability of the many USB Loaders available. Configurable USB Loader does not require a hard drive, but it is recommended for installing games.If you just want to use it for region free, then choose SD when you are given the option.If you do not perform these steps, you will get an IOS249 is a stub message when trying to use the loader. Perform only one of these bulleted sets of steps (your choice): The Configurable Options page details all the things you can do to configure your loader.It also provides the Configurator application that allows you to set the options in a GUI interface.With v35a6 and later, this can be done with your Wii online, or you can upgrade manually.Note that if you have never done the steps above, you need to do so.

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