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Updating bios shuttle sb75g2

For example it can handle, just as Intel’s chipset, up to eight USB 2.0 units and, just as Intel’s ICH5R Southbridge, it has support for S-ATA RAID.

In the VIA case it is not just a matter of RAID0 support but also support for RAID1.

The IDE channels are two to the number and have got support for up to four ATA33/66/100/133 units. The Southbridge supports 5.1-solutions through the AC97 codec but beyond that there is also the option for the mainboard manufacturers to implement 7.1-audio.

The memory management is controlled by two 64-bits channels which in total has support for up to 8GB internal memory of the types DDR266/333/400.

To optimize the memory management, VIA has introduced a technique they call "Dual Stream 64" which is for reducing the memory latency and get a faster memory prefetch.

MSI was the first to reply and as a result it’s its VIA PT880 which will be the first PT880 mainboard that NH reviews.

On the next page you will see a brief summarize of the PT880 chipset before we take a closer look on the MSI-board.

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Furthermore, the new memory controller can also run the memory asynchronous to the FSB.

This means that it now is 100% possible to use two DDR400 together with a FSB 533MHz-CPU without the memories falling back to the DDR333 speed.

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