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(3) The Agency shall keep a register of persons with disabilities registered under subsection (2). Registration of associations (1) An Association shall apply to the Director-General in the prescribed form.(2) The Agency shall register any association of, or for persons with disabilities approved by the Zambia Federation for the Disabled.(3) The Director shall attend meetings of the Board and may address such meetings, but shall have no vote.

(5) The Agency may appoint on such terms and conditions as it may determine such other staff as it considers necessary for the performance of its functions under this Act. Establishment of Boards (1) The Minister may, by statutory instrument, establish a Board for any institution.

(2) Any Board established under the repealed Act shall continue in existence as if established under this Act.

(3) The Agency shall keep a register of institutions referred to in subsection (1). Inspection of institutions (1) The Director-General shall appoint inspectors to inspect institutions (2) Tile Director-General shall issue an identity card to each inspector. Powers of inspector (1) An inspector shall have power, on production of the identity card issued to him under section sixteen to inspect the institution to ensure that the provisions under this Act are being complied with.

(2) In inspecting tile facilities referred to in subsection (1) the inspectors shall ensure that adequate arrangements for the general welfare, education, training, rehabilitation, health, employment and records kept are in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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Begin your journey in South Luangwa, where safari legends such as Norman Carr, Robin Pope, and John Coppinger have left an indelible influence on the ethics and authenticity of the region’s wildlife experience.

The land here is filled with meandering rivers and is home to the original walking safaris of the 1950s.

(3) A Board established under subsection (1) shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, capable of suing and of being sued in its corporate name, and with power, subject to the provisions of this Act, to do all such acts and things as a body corporate may by law do or perform.

(4) The Minister shall by statutory instrument, provide for the composition of each Board.

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