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Before the advent of cannons, ramming the other ships was the main method for taking them out.

Note that this is where the term "ramming speed" comes from — the horator would begin beating the drums faster so the rovers at the oars of the galleys rowed faster in order to drive the ram deep into the side of the enemy ship.

The uniform features sharply tailored blazers as well as add-ons like bags that can push the total set's cost even higher.

At realistic space combat distances (hundreds if not thousands of kilometers), the target should have plenty of time to see the attempt coming and either blow up the ramming ship or dodge out of its way.

This ought to lead to a tense cat-and-mouse game as the rammer tries to close the distance and compensate for the target's evasive maneuvers, and the target tries to stay clear long enough to score a killing hit — the ramming ship is essentially a large missile, and the target would be performing a High-Speed Missile Dodge. The reason for this, of course, is that space ramming depictions are probably based on the Space Is an Ocean mindset, and the cultural memory of Real Life naval tactics of the ancient world.

A Japanese school's plan to introduce Armani-branded uniforms for its students, costing nearly £525 each, has sparked heated debate extending as far as parliament.

The local education board confirmed that the Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo's up-market Ginza district will adopt the designer uniforms from April.

Japan attaches great importance to uniforms - whether worn by civic workers, police or the military.

School uniforms have been around for about 150 years and are not only seen as a symbol of youth but also play an important role in the country's culture, reported.

Likewise, small fighter craft often smash into bigger ships with no visible effect, when they ought to be wreaking massive devastation.

And then there's the momentum, even ramming at a few tens of meters per second could create enough force for the people in at least one of the ships to slam into the walls at speeds high enough to kill or injure them.

Though interestingly when one of the ships weighs a lot more than the other the people in the bigger ship might only be knocked off their feet, so for a bigger ship ramming into a much smaller one at 10-30 m/s could be a great tactic for taking out enemy crews while leaving both ships intact...

That said, there one challenge for a ramming ship, which is reaching the target in the first place.

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