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To contact each girls, just click on one of the Skype buttons and enter your Skype name to log-in the website (and go to the authentification process).

If there's a story that tempts you to pull out your wallet, just call the site management to ask whether you're being taken before you throw away your hard-earned savings.

Hi, My son has made friends with a Philippine girl on a game and then on facebook. He has some learning issues and can be very gullible. Please post the emails or other messages; if they are emails, post them with complete headers (minus his name and address).We also try to keep our members as educated as possible about how fraud can happen over the internet, so that they can understand and take proper action if they find themselves in a situation like this.Please read our past blog archives, and this letter, if you would like to learn more about these issues.We also screen some of the internal site mail, track login history, and ban users who are reported as violating our terms of service.This is part of the value we add that our members appreciate and why hundreds and hundreds of our members have become upgraded members on our site.P.s: To admin i hope it is ok for me to let know about this other site also.Let us know about his also good to read good stories bless I am going to meet a Filipino girl very soon.It is a beautiful country, if he goes there i hope he will enjoy the beach.....don,t forget she might be a very good filipina...and there is nothing to panic here, but to know little about the culture and the country will be a plus to you and to him.The following were collected from several members who unfortunately had bad news to share with us over the past several months.Honey, I will come to spend time with you and you and have lots of fun too.

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