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Each player is dealt a hand that usually has 13 tiles. Each player, on his own turn, draws the next tile from the wall.If he does not have a complete hand, he discards one tile, and play continues with the player on his right.

Unlike most other variants, a typical Riichi match consists of only two rounds, East and South, and it is not uncommon to play a one-round game with only the East round.

In the event of victory by self-pick, the payment of the point value of the hand is split amongst the other three players.

The following bonuses are correct in the Hong Kong variant; other variants may have some differences, but scoring is generally pretty similar.

Scores are cumulative, so you get points for each condition satisfied.

It also has numerous variants; common variants with major differences from the Chinese/Hong Kong variants are detailed in their own sections below.

It is not to be confused (although it far too often is) with Shanghai (aka Mahjong Solitaire), which is a completely different one-player tile-matching game played with Mahjong tiles.

If the hand was won by a discarded tile, the discarding player pays the value of the hand to the winner.

If the hand was won by a tile drawn from the wall, all three players pay the winner; how the value is split up or duplicated depends on the variant.

A tile may only be claimed for a sheung if it was discarded by the player on the claimant's left (unless it is the final tile needed to win).

A tile discarded by anyone may be claimed for a pong or kong.

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