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Dating site for the dorks

A few of my friends like the "cool dork" kind of guy who looks like a nerd but is very sweet, funny, outgoing...

It seems like these days the time old imagine of "tall dark and hansome" has turned into short pale and ugly.

Well that can't be completely right for the fact I'm still single and have been for the longest time.

procured the services of highly recognized anthropologist – Dr. With plenty of chocolate from some of the best sweet spots in New York City.

Helen Fisher to reveal some amazing findings about how we look at love, the internet, friends with benefits and more. Single Edition Media procured a “Sweets in the City” tasting tour of some of the best, decadent chocolates from Marie Belle New York, Fat Witch Bakery, Elenis Cookies, Sprinkles, Sugar And Plum, Chocolate Works NYC and more.

When it comes to down to dating and relationships in the city, things can get confusing- throw technology & social media into the mix and things immediately get downright CRAZY!

Lucky for us, MODERN DATING: A Field Guide From How About We includes a variety of chapters dedicated to the evolution of dating, social media and even technology.What better way to dive into the book than with trivia questions?MODERN DATING: A Field Guide trivia questions with shots of course!Yeah, there are a lot of gold-diggers out there but as you mentioned, there are some women who see past the dorky exterior and find men who are beautiful on the inside.Some people are attracted to different kinds of people...I had a friend a while back that was not good looking,wealthy,funny,charming or anything of the such yet he got a very large ammount of attractive females on a regular basis.I get that there are a ton of shallow women out there only looking for money but Im talking about the guys that lack the money,looks or personaliy yet women are attracted to them.Each of us were tested on the rules of engagement straight from the book regarding sexting, calling vs.texting and even unique Out-of-the-box dating ideas. Trying to find the right online dating profile picture?Getting together with girlfriends to talk about life and love gets even better when you include the funny and relatable new book, MODERN DATING: A Field Guide From How About We.Written by Chiara Atik with a forward How About We co-founders Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout, Modern Dating, like Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl 60s manifesto, heralds an entirely new dating era where the world of modern relationships is as flexible and confusing as ever.

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