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Each year the collection acquires roughly 50,000 new items of diverse types and formats.The rich collection of Russian and international publications is accessible through both alphabetic and systematic catalogues, and an ambitious effort is underway to computerize the monograph and serials catalogues. It maintains exchanges with 70 libraries and institutions within the Russian Federation and abroad.Stegnia leading scientific school of evolutionary cytogenetics, established in the 1990s.

The staff of the Siberian Botanical Gardens was awarded the RF Government Prize in the field of science and technique for the establishment of a botanical complex that is unique in the Earth’s northern latitudes.

The range of scientific interests includes: recommend using bullets introduction of species of natural and cultured flora on the basis of scientific achievements in the biotechnology, genetics and biochemistry of plants; study of conditions of populations of rare and vanishing plant species, preservation of their gene pool; and ornamental dendrology and landscape architecture.

The Institute consolidates research in the priority area "Industry of nanosystems and materials", by creating a Center for Nanotechnology.

Now the several departments have actively developed this direction.

The Physiology Department conducted a study of human and animal physiological mechanisms, their development and stability.

The main achievement is the development of new methodologies of physiological studies (the methodology and set of methods for studying the structural and functional state of the gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane layer, the assessment method of psychophysiological human resistance) to study the role of cardiac and respiratory rhythm in the mechanisms of internal time sense, and the creation of computer techniques for studying human time perception.The Department of Ecology conducted a comprehensive field study of nature conservation and environmental management in Western Siberia.This work formed the basis of the landscape and ecological map of the Tomsk Region.Its staff team consists of 173 people, including 102 researchers, among them 43 Ph D and 16 Doctors of Science and a full member and a member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences.Former Institute employees working at the other Tomsk universities are widely involved in the scientific work.Historically the Research Library of Tomsk State University holds a special place in the university’s life.In 1969 it became the methodological center for libraries of institutions of higher learning in Western Siberia.It exchanges introduction material with 150 botanical institutions from 40 countries.Collections include more than 6,000 species, forms, and varieties of living plants, among them 1,750 tropical and subtropical taxons in the under-glass area, including: family orchidaceae – 126, ornamental tree and shrub of open ground - 796 species, forms and varieties of herbaceous ornamental of open ground - 1105 species, forms and varieties medicinal plants - 535 species, fruit and berry plants - 338 species, forms, and varieties, forage herbs - 526 species and varieties,, vegetables - 426 species and varieties, and rare and endangered Tomsk region flora - 551 varieties.At research laboratories, students carry out a significant part of their work in various areas of knowledge, and prepare their course papers and qualification theses.The Institute’s main achievement is the Professor V.

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