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The 17-year-old revealed that his mother, who up until that point had shared custody with Deion, had been granted primary custody As for the allegations that Deion was unfaithful, Pilar said: 'Yes he did cheat.

The allegations that he tried to put on me came from him.'When Deion didn't get his way, he screamed "this woman is cheating.

This woman is crazy." You could see it a mile away through a hundred sheets of brick and mortar.'She described it as 'a mean thing to do.' Shade: Pilar and Deion's divorce - finalized in June 2013 after a string of contentious court hearings - is back in the headlines thanks to a recent Instagram post made by their eldest son, Shilo.

Their former marital home, custom built for the sports star the year they married in 1999, was a 29,000 square foot mansion with three pools - two indoor, one outdoor - a basketball court, barbershop and 13 bedrooms. It was put back on the market last year for $12.7 million. Anyone who truly knows me knows I don't operate in infidelity.

Today Pilar is adamant she did not cheat on her husband. I strongly believe in family and I strongly believe in loyalty.'Many things happened within the marriage.

He'll have to answer for what he does and has done.'And according to Pilar she does not consider all bridges burned between her and her ex.

She said: 'I'm open to positive communication; I'm open to him playing a positive role in his children's life.

She said: 'I thought it didn't end so bad prior to the actual divorce.'There were great, great moments.

He had a wonderful sense of humor at the time.'But one thing about people who hold loyalty as such a prize, sometimes you stay in a thing even when it's no longer in your best interests.'You do it for the children; you do it to keep the family together.'It's a hard thing to pinpoint when that changes.

She is still pushing for full custody of 15-year-old son Shedur.

Right now the teen lives mostly with his father in a joint custody arrangement. Shilo has really been with me for two years and for two years we've been petitioning the court.'They're giving ear to the children's voices now and it's turning around and we're very grateful for it.

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