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Dating someone older than me

Sooner or later it will either progress or he will find it someplace else.

Do yourself a favor, make an adult like decision and move on.

Take your time, be friends but don't put your heart entirely out there you are bound to get hurt.

ive been dating a eighteen year old boy for about two three weeks now. and he is the honestly best thing to ever happen to me. we both understand that 6 years is a pretty long time and that it is frouwned apon by others but we truely do understand and love each other.

we promised to not do anything sexual till im no longer a minor so i wouldnt get in trouble and neither would he.

We the adults are not saying its wrong to love someone but you have your life ahead of you and there should be concern.

You said you would wait but believe me its not going to be easy for the 18yr old.

I will agree with you on the fact that a 12 year old or 13 year old is too young to be dating because they do not have the right level of maturity and knowledge about such a subject (love).

They will not understand the concept of love and what it really feels like to BE in love.But six years is a long time, and people change significantly. Nope, you won't hear that...what does that tell ya?By the time you are graduating high school he will have finished college and started a career, perhaps he will want a family. Well i am 16 and the m N i like is about to turn 21. We dated when i was 14 and he was 18 but when the odds (his parents) tried to stake against us we decided to take a break.Both his and my family have been very supportive with our relationship and did not go against our relationship.I also know that I can trust him because he is my 22 year old uncle's best friend since school.Reading between the lines, you and your current BF may be infatuated, but at only 2-3 weeks you cannot honestly say you love that person.Right now, you are blinded by the infatuation and idea of loving him in a relationship.He is at the age where boys start exploring and you are bound to get carried away, what then.You become pregnant before you even enjoyed life, he gets put away for child rape.Hello Olivia, I'm really sorry to have to say this to you sweetie but 12/13 is wayyy too young to be in love. He is 18 which makes him an adult and you are still a child.There will be time enough for you to fall in love with someone.

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