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Diaries have been pushed out of the spotlight by blogs and social networks.....Grant did review three apps where you can stream video from your phone, and Qik has always been one of my long time favorites.

I actually really wouldn’t mind this at all if it only happened say, once every 60 seconds or so, but the frequency of the commercials at is just ludicrous.

I know the ads pay the bills, but at this frequency it makes the entire experience nearly unusable.

You may have your own requirements for such an app, but in my particular case, I really wanted something that is: (1) extremely easy to set up, (2) extremely fast and convenient to start capturing video, and (3) produces high-quality video instantly on the web.

With those three requirements in mind, I first turned to MUO to see what we already offer.

I could see on other apps that my entire face could be captured from this distance, but in this app it only captured the upper three quarters.

I think it actually magnifies the display slightly, so the quality itself isn’t stellar, but it isn’t that bad either – especially if you’re considering broadcasting from a remote location while you’re live on the scene of some event you want to tweet about.

What I like about Twitcaster is that if I find myself in the middle of a news event and I want to tweet about it with live video, this is the first app I’m going to reach for, just because it’s so fast and easy to launch the stream and immediately tweet it to my Twitter stream.

If you want to make use of a video streaming app that is a little more versatile across multiple social networks, then Veetle may be the one for you.

It shows you your recent Twitter stream right on your phone, and under the stream you have the option to initiate live streaming, or post a tweet right from this same page.

The display on the webpage really seems to shrink the display down quite a bit – I’m not sure why that happens.

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