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Pisces man dating a pisces woman

A shy and sensitive Pisces man fears rejection and hates to be the one who initiates a date.

So, it's reassuring to him the Aries woman is interested in getting to know him when she makes the first move.

This means fun and fascinating excursions away from crowds and bright city lights would be the best dating activities for these two. Still, to make their dates perfect, each should begin or end with a stop by an eclectic café, outdoor preferably, where they can quietly talk and laugh about their time together and get to know one another.

When an Aries woman dates a Pisces man, she should know she will have to adapt in one way or another to his easy-going, passive, dreamy outlook on life.

Pisces is the mutable water sign and the last sign of the Zodiac.

It's these differences in an Aries/Pisces match that are mutually enriching and allow them to draw out the untapped potential in one another.

Even while dating, this couple will never be short on romance.

A Pisces man enjoys simple pleasures and is not comfortable with large crowds, but he is always willing to go with the flow.

An Aries woman is confident, carefree, wants to be where the action is, and she is always eager to try something new and fascinating.

), we have a fluid creativity that breeds compassion and acceptance — the makings of a perfect partner, right? Well, except for a Here's what it's like to love a Pisces (that might sound eerily familiar to you if you're a Pisces yourself — or, even better, if you're in love with one):1. I had a bad feeling about getting in the car with my grandma, and without knowing why I had a meltdown in the office parking lot, convincing my mom to let her stay with her instead. Less than five minutes later, the passenger side of my grandma's car was wrapped around a pole.

She's intuitive and trusts her gut more than anything. Moral of the story: Don't doubt the Pisces intuition. You might find your Pisces sitting alone in a dark room wallowing in what could've been or should've been or regretting what she said or wishing she could've done better.

The Pisces woman and Pisces man share an extraordinary spiritual and psychic bond.

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