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The First Lady of Musical Theatre is set to wow Aberdeen audiences next week.

Elaine Paige has performed all over the world, from the White House to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to the Bolshoi to Sydney Opera House.

She said: “It will be a very fun play and I look forward to working with other actors and not just being alone on the stage.

She previously released a book titled Memories: Celebrating 40 Years in the Theatre in 2008.

Elaine said: “My book celebrates 40 years of my career.

It took me many years to learn to enjoy being on tour.

“In theatre, I play a character and now I have to be myself.

“I think they gave it to me because I have been around for so long,” she laughed.

The award-winning actress, 33, is playing Lisa Lynch in the BBC’s The C-Word.The Secret is the story of a real-life double murder.James Nesbitt plays Colin Howell, a respectable dentist and pillar of the community, who became a killer in partnership with a Sunday ...But that’s b*****s, we should do and it should be on the telly."Everyone has been touched by it. If just one girl checks her boobs after watching this, then I’m happy.”The actress also revealed how Lisa, who lived in south-west London, got in touch with her before she died and said she wanted her to play her in the show. Notices of urgent and other important matters to be brought to the attention of the public and the legal profession will be published on this page.It’s based on blogger Lisa, who died aged 33 after losing her fight against breast cancer two years ago.Sheridan wanted the drama to be as realistic as possible so she shaved her hair off. To me, that was the least I could do for Lisa and for this role.“Getting rid of the eyebrows was the weird one.I had to learn how to communicate with the audience as myself.“I did this tour last year all around the UK and now I am going to the cities I missed. I learned how it works and now I love it.” Elaine will perform at HMT next Friday at 7.30pm.Court Orders postponing publication of reports of proceedings (in terms of Section 4(2)) and court directions prohibiting the publication of a name or matter in connection with the proceedings (in terms of section 11) apply in the following cases: If the entry relates to an order made in the High Court of Justiciary, to Justiciary Office in Edinburgh - Tel: 01; Fax: 01.If the entry relates to an order made in the Court of Session, to the General Department, Court of Session, Edinburgh - Tel: 01; Fax: 0131-240 6746.

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