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Constitutional and administrative law updating supplement

Written in a clear and accessible style, illustrated by examples and supported throughout by references for further reading from a wide range of sources, the book analyses the unwritten constitution, the institutions of government, and the relationship between the citizen and the state.

This new edition deals with numerous developments in public law since the previous edition, including: The clash between new laws against terrorism and protection of human rights under the Human Rights Act 1998The impact on the political parties of the Political Parties and Elections Act 2009Changes in the law affecting MPs, following the revelations in 2009 about their expenses Impact of the Lisbon Treaty on national law Creation of the Supreme Court and of a comprehensive system of tribunals Effects of the global financial crisis and the government’s entry into the business of banking Constitutional and Administrative Law continues to be the leading text recommended for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK, and is relied on by practising lawyers, politicians, political scientists and public administrators, both in the United Kingdom and beyond.

d include changes in local government; devolution; the European Commission and Parliament; sources of Community law; The House of Lords; Crown proceedings; negligent exercise of statutory powers and duties; judicial review; civil liberties; the ECHR.In the new fifteenth edition, the authors analyse these changes while maintaining a focus on essential legal principles bringing detailed analysis and illuminating insight to students of constitutional and administrative law.A staple recommendation on undergraduate and postgraduate law courses throughout the UK, Constitutional and Administrative Law is also used by practising lawyers, political scientists and public administrators.This updating supplement complements the Main Work, The Anti-Suit Injunction , and brings it up to date in what is a fast-moving field.In particular it takes account of the volume of case law on the anti-suit injunction since the book was published, including most significantly the decision of the European Court of Justice in The Front Comor, the recent important House of Lords decision in Masri v Khoury, and other cases such as Wadi Sudr, CMA CGM v Hyundai, and Deutsche v Highland.It considers related issues, such as the vires of the "Rome II Regulation" and its relationship to other EC instruments creating or affecting rules of private international law.The brand new updating supplement updates the Main Work and draws attention to legislation implementing the Regulation in the United Kingdom, incorporates recent ECJ cases concerning other EC private international law instruments and new decisions of the English courts concerning the pre-Regulation rules of applicable law, and to recent books and journal articles providing further colour to the picture surrounding the Regulation since its adoption in January 2009.This supplement, prepared by Anthony Bradley and Keith Ewing, deals with important developments that have occurred within the sphere of constitutional and administrative law since the fifteenth edition of their best-selling textbook was finalised in the summer of 2010 and before 30th April 2013.For ease of use, the developments detailed in this booklet are cross-referenced to the relevant chapters and page numbers of the fifteenth edition of Constitutional and Administrative Law.This pack includes The Rome II Regulation and a brand new updating supplement which brings the Main Work up to date and incorporates substantive developments since publication of the book in December 2008.The Main Work, The Rome II Regulation: The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations has become a major reference work to practitioners as it provides the first user-friendly article-by-article commentary to the Regulation.

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