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How to handle intimidating

You might feel useless when you work with this person.How can we get over these situations to stop the intimidation?

Take a deep breath when the questions sound like a personal attack, and try to avoid becoming defensive. Go Slow, Be Clear When you are getting those rapid-fire questions, the last thing you want to do is respond quickly.

You lose clarity of thought when you go fast, so make sure to take your time answering the questions.

Be Ready for the Interview Often you'll be nervous BEFORE the interview, and meeting the intimidating interviewer just makes things worse.

The best way to avoid those pre-interview nerves is to be prepared, with your resume memorized, your answers handy, and your mind at ease.

He or she may actually be quite pleasant, so keep that in mind.

Don't treat them like they're a jerk, but show your grace under fire.

They may use subtle scare tactics, or they'll rapid-fire questions at you.

Don't show that you are intimidated, but control the way you react.

This person could be your boss – someone with genuine positional power over you.

Anything you do is scrutinized, challenged or faces disagreement.

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