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Until the past month, I was have panic attacks, tightened chest, depression.I went to my doctor and explained how all the anti-anxiety medications caused loss of libido. 100% Recommended.""I usually don't comment on these websites and my experience may not be the same as yours, but it may be helpful.I have had no known positive (or negative) affects.

While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care."I was prescribed Wellbutrin a week ago for anxiety. Side effects include weight loss (6 pounds this first week!

) and I feel the need to go to bed earlier than usual (works for me! Have had no negative effects yet.""Added to generic Lexapro because of weight gain and serious sexual side effects .

The medication has helped with reducing my appetite but not by much. The only negative side effect is that my skin always feels like I have bugs crawling on it.

I hope that goes away with time.""I started this last week because doctor recommended it, they recommend it cuz I've had horrid anxiety and panic attacks.

I don't recommend this for anxiety what so ever but as far as smoking cessation goes, it's known to help many people.

Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them.""I have tried many anti-anxiety medications and each one always seemed to have a side effect. So with that being said I went off anti-anxiety medications completely.

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