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Dating a graflex speed graphic

The Graflex Reflex is an iconic camera and it was a favorite photographic companion for legendary photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand and Dorothea Lange.

Of the latter, Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” which she shot with a Graflex Reflex in 1936 while recording images of the great depression, is regarded as a modern icon in its summation of the endured hardships.

(Please see photos.) It really is lovely for an 80 year old camera!MPP had some kind of agreement with Iloca (West Germany), as a result of which MPP produced and marketed in Britain a number of cameras identical to the Iloca Rapid 1L, a leaf-shutter 35mm camera.They are marked on the top with the names of both companies.Other products included monorail cameras, fixed-focus prison "mug shot" cameras, enlargers (even for large format), projectors, rollfilm adaptors and a flashgun that was later used for Darth Vader's lightsaber in "Star Wars". | Agilux | Aldis | APe M | Aptus | Artima | Barnet Ensign | Beard | Beck | Benetfink‎ | Billcliff | Boots | British Ferrotype | Butcher | Chapman | Cooke | Corfield | Coronet | Dallmeyer | Dekko | De Vere | Dixons | Dollond | Elliott | Gandolfi | Gnome | Griffiths | G.Hare | Houghtons | Houghton-Butcher | Hunter | Ilford | Jackson | Johnson | Kentmere | Kershaw-Soho | Kodak Ltd.The two black plastic body buttons on either side of the lens are for focus adjustment, and linked to a coupled rangefinder with a separate view window.Rather than the typical screw type focus, the Graphic 35 employs a sliding lens tube that is pushed forwards and backwards - hence the two buttons, with each moving the focus in a different direction. Graflex Graphic 35s were made by Kowa and had a Seikosha MX shutter. Overview The Graflex Graphic 35 was quirky design from an American company, made using German lenses/shutters, and possibly manufactured in Japan (depending on who you believe)?The covers were black when new, but these fade with age becoming a grey colour.The serial number of the lens which only has six digits (and no preceding code letters) indicates that it was produced prior to 1940.We're not sure of its exact date but most likely the lens and the camera was produced in the mid-1930s.

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