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Updating textbox asynchronously

is just a void delegate with no arguments, which means that you can call any method you like as long as it returns void and has no arguments.This is great - a really simple way of calling a method cross-thread, but we havent really returned any data from the other thread. By putting the check within Update Rich Text Box, we've just ensured that anyone can call it from any thread.This isn’t really helpful for passing back custom data to the control.

You have several options available that let you deal with the method completion, from fire-and-forget to polling, but the most common option (and the one best fitting an event-driven application such as a Windows Forms application) is to use a callback method.

Then, not only does this article describe the Whidbey solution, it also provides a .

NET 1.1 implementation of the solution so that you can take advantage of this superior programming model today and ease the transition into Windows Forms 2.0 in the future.

You rarely want to block the user interface while a lengthy operation executes in the background.

Windows Forms pose a set of complicated design and implementation issues when it comes to asynchronous method invocation and multithreading due to the underlying Windows messages processing. NET does provide a uniform asynchronous invocation mechanism (described in my article, "Asynchronous .

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